My Story

Hi there and welcome to my blog! I'm Sonya, the writer behind Eyes on the Hourglass.

When it comes to weight issues, I have to admit, I don't remember having any growing up.I wasn't skinny, but I wasn't chunky either and  I never felt like I was 'the fat kid' as a lot of people sadly did. I was known more so as the tall kid, or the big girl because of my height. I was always the tallest in the class.

Things started to change when I moved away to university. That is when my weight hit 190lbs and I thought, "WOW…I need to lose weight". In high school 180lb had always been the danger number for me and now I was beyond that.  I remember starting weight watchers for the first time back in 2002. It was the first 'diet' I had ever been on and maybe because of that I was actually pretty successful. I dropped down to around 155lbs. Not too shabby when you're 5'11". I felt fantastic and loved my new body, but I didn't do anything to maintain it and the weight slowly came back.

Then, once I graduated from university in 2003, several things happened all at once.  I moved out on my own to my very first apartment (and had to start cooking for myself). I got my first full-time job which just so happened to be shift work and I broke up with a boy.  Apparently it was all too much for me as I gained A LOT of weight by binge eating.  I no longer really cared about my red flag number and ended up tipped the scale at over 240lbs in a matter of months and my weight has pretty much stayed there ever since.  I just didn't care anymore. Depression set in.  I felt alone, bored,  fat and ugly and tired ALL THE TIME.  Due to that, let's just say my twenties were at times a struggle. Food provided comfort A LOT.

My horse Joelle and I in 2012 when she was only two.
She's much bigger now!
To combat my depression and binging I sought  help from professionals. To combat my feelings of loneliness and boredom I started volunteering at a barn with horses  and I also tried my hand at dating again.  To combat my weight, I joined weight watchers again...and again...and again..... Since 2003, I think I have rejoined weight watchers over 10 times.  Sad, but true. I'll count points for awhile, lose weight, then stop and gain it back. I know the program works. It always has, it always will.  I just have a hard time sticking with it.

Nonetheless, I have had successes off the scale since then. Two things happened in 2010 that I am proud of. Firstly I became vegetarian.I did it for diet reasons at first,  but I have successfully maintained it for ethical reasons. To this day it boggles my mind, that I could give up poultry, meat, seafood and fish so easily,  but a french fry? Forget it! Can't be done.

2010 Run for the Cure - 5K
I ran for my Mom (a breast cancer survivor) and had my best time.
Secondly, I ran in 2010. It still blows my mind. I completed a pod cast program called "couch to 5K" and ended up running my first 5K race in June of that year. That race was followed by 3 others.  I was slow, and I mean slow (for a tall girl, I have a little person stride), but I did it. Sadly, since then I have stopped running as my hips were giving me issues, but now that they seem to be getting better, I often think that I should get back into it.

Fast forward to present day and I'm now 37. I'm long gone from that first apartment. I'm now a home owner and have been for seven years. I bought a horse from that barn I volunteered at and I married a guy "Lucky"
"Lucky" and I - 2013
(as I call him here)  on May 1, 2013 that I met by online dating.  Yes, I've been busy, but I've also still been fat!

Since 2010, it's been a struggle to get back on track and give 100% to caring about my weight and exercise. I've had some minor  successes like completing a 100 day salad challenge back in 2014, but overall, like always, I lose weight, and then I gain it back. I'm currently at almost the highest weight I have ever been. Just saying that is depressing.

Now it's 2016, and I've decided to return to blogging as I find I need the community support and accountability. I found a lot of success here before so I'm hoping to find it again.  My motivation for weight loss is different this time and maybe that's a good thing.  I will lose this weight finally.  I will get to where I want to be. I will get what I want in the end. I will. I'm in this for the long hall ladies and gents. I HAVE TO BE this time. Here's to losing a lot of fat, to gain a life! A newborn life that is.


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