Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weekend WI

Start weight: 246.5lbs
Current weight: 229.0lbs
Gained 2lbs this week

Of course I'm not super excited to have gained again, but I'm still in the 220s, so I'm pleased about that. I know some of that gain was related to poor food choices, but TOM also arrived last night so that definitely hasn't helped either. The good news is my motivation has returned and I'm ready to lose the weight I have gained over my JAMAICA /Christmas holidays (which is about 5lbs overall) along with a bunch more. It's time. I have no desire to hit 230 again or higher. I started tracking and counting today and I will continue to moving forward. 

Tonight I plan to take my measurements in preparation for starting my #90daybikinibodymommy challenge. I'll post them tomorrow. Looking back I wish I took measurements from the start. Oh well, better late than never I suppose.  I do look forward to the challenge and seeing how my body changes, along with feeling more in control of my eating. 


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