Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year, New Start

Hey Folks,

I'm still here. I'm still struggling. I'm not sure why I can't get my head back into the game. I haven't been dieting in over a month. I know I've been lucky not to have gained more than I have (my poor friend gained 15 pounds over the holidays), but if I don't smarten up soon, I'll be kicking myself later.

The good news is, that I'm inching my way back to awesomeness. Yesterday, Lucky and I finally went out and bought groceries. I can't even remember the last time we went. As you can imagine, our diets have been awful lately because of it. Veggie Burgers and fries, pizza and chinese food and although my taste buds have been loving it, my digestive system has not. I NEED to get back on track. I'm feeling not only constipated, but also sluggish and tired and my mood isn't the greatest either. I know the way I'm feeling is directly related to what I'm eating. Thankfully, I now have proper food in the house which is WW friendly and I can begin to count points again..... if  only I could get motivated. Today was suppose to be day 1, but it wasn't. Ugh....

New Plan

When thinking about how I can help myself get back on track, I thought back to what helped me in the past. It was my #100daysofsalad challenge that really seemed to help me. As a result, I've finally decided to do what I said I would and begin my #100daysofsoup 

My worry is that the sodium will not be as scale friendly as the salad was, but I'm going to give it a shot anyway and see. I also plan to drink way more water than I have been so maybe it wont be so bad. I just thought what better food to eat/challenge to start during this dreadful Canadian winter we're having so far. Can we say BURRRRRR.

I  also have decided to do a 90 day challenge that my friend at work is doing. It's from a website called Bikini Body Mommy. Perhaps you've already heard of it. I kinda feel like I'm late to the game on this one. Anyway, Briana (author of website), offers short 20min or less FREE workout videos that are sent to your email each day for 90 days. They are videos of her doing a daily workout  and you basically following along each day in real time and do them with her. She is not a super model fitness chick. She is a real Mommy, who apparently lost 100 pounds after having her third child. Amazing. I signed up fairly quickly after hearing about it and the first video should arrive in my inbox on Monday.  Now that I've signed up though... I'm not going to lie, I'm second guessing my decision. I hate workout videos!!! I  need to do it anyway though. I have to and who knows, Briana seems cool, so maybe these videos will be different.

On top of the challenges, I also plan to continue to horseback ride (something I will never give up) and plan to get back to the gym. I know I keep saying it, but seriously, I will. I enjoyed aquafit when I went along with zumba, so it's time I got back to class!

In 90 days, I should look awesome!  lol....

Fingers crossed anyway.

So now I will leave you with this, a cute picture of my horse Joelle, all bundled up on a cold winters day. Isn't she the cutest? 


  1. Sonya, I'm glad you're finding your way back. Ts crazy how eating off plan can make us feel after trying to be healthier. The soup challenge sounds interesting, perhaps making a big batch of your favorite so you could control the sodium would help? Have a great weekend!

  2. Happy New Year Sonya. Like you, I will be working to increase my water. Try as I might, I haven't been able to consistently lower my sodium intake. I will keep trying of course, I need to counter with more and more water. Best wishes for both your challenges and a healthier year.



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