Monday, January 12, 2015


Today marks day one of my 90 day bikini body mommy challenge and it was all about the fit test. Why am I doing a mommy challenge when I'm not a mommy? Well let's just say this will help me prepare to become one. 

I followed the video that was sent to my email (I'll get one each day for 90 days) and did as many repetitions of the exercises as I could do. I had 30 seconds for each one. It's actually a pretty great thing to do for tracking progress. Every two weeks we will be doing one. Fingers crossed I get much better at these exercises moving forward. Here are my results today. 

Tricept dips: 16 
Jump squats: 20
Push-ups: 1 (lol)
Left leg lung kicks: 12
Right leg lung kicks: 7
Mountain climbers: 50
Elbow plank: 20sec

I'm clearly out of shape. Got to love that one push- up lol.... Oh well, I'll get better. :) 

I took my measurements as also instructed. I look forward to seeing the changes! 

Day 1 was tough, my body feels like jello right now, but that's a good thing! I'll take it. It means it's working. 


  1. Bring on a Day 2! Way to go Sonya!

  2. What a great start! I still can not do a push up!



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