Thursday, December 11, 2014


I'm back! 

Last night, Lucky and I returned from Jamaica.  Old man winter had a gift of over 5cm of snow on our return. Quite the difference from what we woke up to yesterday morning. *sigh* 

We had a wonderful vacation. We spent time visiting friends and of course relaxing at the beach and eating mounds of food (and a few drinks). Who do you think got the best tan? ;) 

It was so nice to finally meet Lucky's friends and spend some quality time with them. One of my reasons for wanting to lose weight was to feel more comfortable when I met them. Guess what? I did!!  Sure I still had moments of feeling gigantic compared to the other girls, but I tried my best to push those feelings aside and mute the evil voice inside my head. For the most part that worked. 

I worked this bathing suit for most of the trip. Sure it's not a bikini, but that's ok. I felt comfortable in it, and that's what matters most. That picture was taken at Dunns River Falls. It was wonderful there. I didn't want to leave! 

Now that I am home though, I knew I needed to update you all and step back on the scale. I needed to know how much I gained, cause lets face it, I knew I wasn't going to lose! 

I did have intentions of working out when away. I brought my running shoes and everything. I never used them though. Lol.... I did not workout. Not in the "running on a treadmill" kinda way anyway.  As I say this though, I must have done something right still cause checkout my scale results!!!! 

Start weight: 246.5lbs
Weight prior to vacation: 223.5lbs
Weight after vacation: 226.0lbs
Gain: 2.5lbs

For a 10 day "all inclusive vacation" where I could have (okay... I did sometimes) eat my face off, I think gaining only 2.5lbs is AWESOME! I'm very pleased. I didn't even lose my 20lb milestone!!!!  Lucky gained!!!  Thank god I'm not a huge fan of rum! ;)  

I'm definitely motivated to keep losing and the fact I don't have to re-lose too much weight again has helped.  I think if I gained 5lbs or more I would have found it hard to start over (so thank goodness that didn't happen). 

So stay tuned to more weekly weigh-ins and the start of "fight the lazy" fridays along with #100daysofsoup!  I have way more weight to lose so I'm not going anywhere. 


  1. Welcome home Sonya ... Glad you had a fabulous time! and hey only 2.5 pounds is pretty great when you are on a 10 day vacation! Good Job!

  2. Welcome back! Looks like an amazing trip. I'd be totally fine with a 2.5 lb gain after 10 days in paradise, too. :)

  3. Glad you made it back home safely! You look so happy in that picture, sounds like you had a great time! Way to go on a small gain on a 10 day vacation...lucky wasn't so lucky haha. Welcome back!

  4. That's a VERY respectable vacation gain, Sonya, and will come off in no time – congratulations! Plus, what are you ashamed of, ever? You've got great legs, chickie! Lucky, puh...all a man has to do is skip dessert for a week and the weight melts off – it's so unfair!

  5. YAAAAY!!!! It's so fun to hear about your trip!!! And GREAT job with the small gain, you'll lose it in no time, no worries!



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