Thursday, November 06, 2014

Work Treats

See below for a list of all the food I resisted at work today.
  1. Danishes
  2. Banana bread
  3. Pumpkin scones
  4. Blueberry scones
  5. Lemon bread
  6. Croissants
  7. Halloween Candy

Seriously folks...  that was not easy, but I did it! I did not taste any of those foods.  Not worth it.


  1. My, my, don't you have some sadistic co-workers!

  2. Good Job!!! Thursday is donuts, every week one of our vendors brings a fresh box of donuts... I keep telling him "Just one week bring a bag of carrots" The man is a diabetic, you would think he would be sympathetic! I haven't had one in 9 months ... yes I changed my eating 10 months ago ... took me a few weeks to leave them alone



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