Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Eating my Emotions

I've been eating emotionally lately.

I'm still tracking everything that goes in my mouth. I'm still counting my points, but I'm emotionally eating.

Life has been rough and because of that....

Yesterday I ate 60 WWpp. That is 33 points over my daily limit.

33 points!

I think that's the first time I've gone over that much in one day on this journey so far.

Thankfully Weight Watchers gives members an extra 45 points for the week, so I'm actually still on program. I haven't fallen off the wagon, so it's weird that I feel like I have.

I will admit I'm scared going forward though. Although I still get my 37 points for each day, I only have a few WW weekly points remaining and my stomach seems like a bottomless pit lately. The last few weeks I have always gone over my daily target and used my weekly points to cover the difference. It's been working fine (and totally allowed) that way, but lately I seem to be getting hungrier and hungrier.  I never feel full and for the last two days all I have wanted is comfort food. Add the fact that a few days ago I  ate four low fat cookies (for 3pp) but ate them so mindlessly, that I swore I still had one left when I didn't.  I feel like I'm in trouble.

I feel like I'm one french fry away from seriously falling off the wagon.

I can't let that happen though. I will not let that happen. I plan to go no where near a french fry, even if they do smell so darn good.  I will not let my emotions get the best of me. NOT. THIS. TIME. Even if life throws me hardships so heartbreaking that all I want to do is stuff my face with poutine and ice cream, I will not let my emotions sabotage my best efforts. I have worked too hard the last 3 months to get where I am today.

So my plan for the remainder of the week is to stay within my 37 points a day and get in three days of exercise. By working out, I'll gain more points which I can then use as needed. I'm going to try my best though not to use them. I think being more strict than normal is needed right now.


  1. I think that the fact that you self reflect and have a plan is great and will help you feel more in control. I know how it is because food has always been my comfort. It's hard to retrain our bodies and brains. Keep going and stay strong!

  2. Hang in there; you're doing great and you've got this. Don't beat yourself up about how you're feeling...the days are shorter, the weather is colder, your body is telling you it's time to put a bit of weight on so that you'll be ready for the winter (it doesn't realize that at this time and in this hemisphere we don't have to worry so much about famine anymore). The temptation time will pass! And then you'll be SO GLAD you didn't give in. :-)

  3. I hate when that happens .. that bottomless pit ... nothing seems to help you are just hungry ... or you think you are ... and nothing seems to help until you do eat ... and eat and eat ... Last time that I went through that and it wasn't that long ago... I made a very low carb chicken soup ... a HUGE pot that I could just keep going back to all day ... Last time I was on WW they had some recipes for nearly zero points soups ... maybe if you could trick your brain that you are over doing on the soup you may just get pass it... weird but it worked for me ...

  4. I agree with Jean. It's true that our bodies do crave more food this time of year. Don't be too hard on yourself. I think it's amazing that you are still tracking even though you are emotionally eating.



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