Thursday, October 16, 2014

Zumba and Aquafit

See those check marks? That's right folks, so far I have kept to my plan. 

two checks down, many more to go!

Last night I went to my first ever Zumba class.   I had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was great! There was about 20 or so woman of all ages,  shapes and sizes,  and we just danced away. At first, I seemed like any other aerobics class I had taken in the past.  I recognized most  moves and was thinking, oh they just marketed old aerobics with a new name to generate interest.  Then it got funky and fun and not like any other aerobics class I have taken in the past.  lol... Did I get all the moves right after that? HA! Of course not, but I didn't care, nor should I. I was just proud of the fact I was there and moving my behind. Not going to lie, at the half way mark, I was feeling it and pretty tired, so I tended to look at the clock more, but I made it through and will go back for sure. It was fun. My plan is to go to this class every other Wednesday. I'd go every Wednesday, but my work schedule does not allow for that. 

Now after going to Zumba last night I came directly home and had an epsom salts bath and stretched my hips. I also took one naproxen and used my anti-inflammatory spray. I did this as before Zumba I went to my chiropractor who worked on my hips in ways she hasn't before.  I knew because of that and the fact I went to Zumba I would be super sore today if I didn't. Thankfully, all of that did help and I felt much better than expected this morning. Yay! 

This morning I woke up, took hubby to work and then went to the next exercise class scheduled for this month. Aquafit. I loved it! I forgot how much I love the pool. It's sad to say, but today was the first time I've been in the pool this year!! Pathetic I tell ya! To my surprise it was an even better workout than I remember it being. Several years ago I went a couple times, but today was better. The instructor was awesome and we did moves in the pool which I know overtime will only help my hip issues. When getting out of the pool my legs felt like lead which sounds bad, but I was happy about it. I knew I worked them hard. I ended up heading to baby pool (which is much warmer than the adult pool) where others were going and soaked for a bit. Funny enough, there I met a woman named Dawn who was going to aquafit for the same reasons as I am. Hip issues! We shared stories and stretches before heading to the change room.  It was great. My next aquafit class I have planned is on Tuesday. I can't wait to go back.

So ladies and gents, this whole exercise thing that I've been struggling with for the last few months, I'm finally starting to get a handle on. I've always known that the key is to find things you like. Thankfully the two exercises classes I've tried, I do like and that makes it much easier to go again! 


  1. Way to go Sonya! Keep it up you've got this!

  2. How exciting ... You did it and LOVED it ... and met a friend. Sounds like you have a handle on things!!! Awesome job!!!

    1. It was great and yes I actually loved it! lol.... I can't believe it.



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