Monday, October 06, 2014

Yoga attempted

Hahaha.... Oh how I wish I had someone to tape me doing yoga this afternoon, it would have made your day. 

You see, my tenant has 130 episodes of yoga taped on our PVR. No seriously, 130!! 

I thought since there were so many episodes I'd try one. 

Now, I have done yoga before. I've actually completed level 1-3 at my local yoga studio, but that was over a year ago. 

When I hit play on this tape, I think the most ab work my belly got was from laughing. Yes, there were "beginner to crazy" models doing poses, but a lot of poses were new to me and the pace was fast. 

I tried this pose and ended up crying from laughter as my belly wiggled... In my face! 

Oh man, lol... Too funny. 

I think in the future I'll stick to the studio. 

Since I only ended up doing the video for about 15 or so minutes, I spend another 15 or so minutes vacuuming. I live in a multi-level townhouse so vacuuming my stairs can be a workout. This time I ended up braking a sweat so I'm counting it as one. 

What did you do to move more today? 


  1. Sonya, you made me laugh because as I did my Zumba video at home today I thought someone would have a field day if I had been recorded! Have a great week!

  2. It's like the person who created yoga did it as a practical joke on humanity--how can I make everyone look ridiculous....
    too funny.

    I rode my horse today! That's a workout for me...

    1. I love that you have a horse too! Riding is such a great workout! :)

  3. I tried a yoga video once. I moaned and grunted that my husband who was in he next room asked me to top! Hahaha



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