Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weekly WW Weigh-In with an exercise update!

note to self - get pedicure!

Start Weight: 246.5lbs

WI this week : +1lb

Current Weight: 231.5lbs

Total Lost: 15lbs

Phewwwww, thank you scale gods. Despite the one pound gain this week, I'm thanking my lucky stars.  I know it could have been way worse.  The past seven days have been challenging because of  two thanksgiving meals,  and a hard time getting back to measuring and tracking after them. Thank goodness the exercise gods came to my rescue and motivated me to move my butt this week. It definitely paid off. Can you imagine what I would have gained if I didn't do that? Ugh... I can, and it's not pretty!

As I wrote in my last post, I attended my first zumba and aquafit classes this past week. What I haven't told you is I also went to a yoga class. It was wonderful. We did numerous hip opener poses which are great for my hip pain. It was definitely what I needed and continue to need.  

When I came home though I started worrying about money.  Drop-in classes are expensive and when I added everything up, I realized it's just too much to spend a month. I wish I could 'sign up' for sessions (which would be cheaper), but my shift work schedule just doesn't allow for that.  Well I guess it does, but it wouldn't make sense as I wouldn't be able to go to half the classes. The drop-in classes I went to this past week (in three different locations) have already cost me $40.00. If I did that every week, that is $160/month. That's crazy. As a result, I started looking into something I thought I'd never look into ever again. A gym membership. I know, I shocked myself. I swore I'd never go to a gym again. Past behaviour usually predicts future behaviour (or so Dr.Phil says), and my past behaviour with gyms hasn't been great. I've had two memberships in the past (although many years ago now), and I would go for a bit and then stop....but of course still end up paying the membership until the end of the contract. It ended up being a total waste of money.  

This time though I feel different. I have to exercise. I now realize this. I'm done resisting. I'm done protesting. I'm done complaining.  My hips are tell me it's time and I need to listen. Beyond that I want to lose weight to prepare myself for future babies. That alone is motivation enough. I'm determined this time folks, so there is a part of me that isn't as scared to sign up again. With that being said, I still had to find the right gym for me. To my surprise it wasn't that hard! Goodlife recently opened a new gym within a 10 minute drive from my house. I knew it was coming, but I didn't realize it was actually open now.  They have ALL the classes I planned to take under one roof.  ALL OF THEM! Even aquafit as this gym has a pool! I'm so excited. They even had their class schedule posted online so I had a look to ensure that the classes worked with my schedule. Guess what? They do! Yay!!   It would be perfect, so I contacted them to find out more info.  Goodlife has to be cheaper than $160/month!

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  1. That's great Sonya! Sounds like you have the right attitude and a plan which is key! Good luck this week!



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