Wednesday, October 08, 2014


Recently I bought new protein powder. I was very tempted to buy the new vegan shakeology, (as so many are raving about shakeology lately), but when I looked at the price I just couldn't do it. It's way to expensive for this girl.  I have a jamacian trip to pay for after all!! ;) 

Instead I consulted with a sales lady at my local health food store and decided to buy another type of vegan protein that she said was popular. I didn't want a meal suppliment, just pure protein. I'm vegetarian so I am concious of the need to get enough protein into my diet daily and I thought going vegan this time would be even more healthy. 

The good news is that two scoops of  my new vegan protein powder equals about 22g of protein. I just mix it with water and it ends up being only 4 weight watcher points. The bad news is, it taste bad. I describe it as watered down oatmeal with a side of chalk. Yummy, eh? 

Now, the first time I tried it I added strawberries and some slenda. I drank it, but it wasn't great. The next few times I added bananas but no Splenda. Now it taste like oatmeal and bananas with a side of chalk. Drinkable, but still not awesome. I'm hesitant to add peanut butter or anything that would make my shake equal more WW points, but I need to find something that will make it taste better. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I'm still going to drink them regardless, but it would be nice if they tasted better. 

One top of my new protein powder, I also recently bought protein bars from Costco. 

I tried this one this morning. It has 20g of protein and taste better than ones I have tried in the past. They equal 5 weight watch points which is a bit high, but because there is so much protein I thought  I'd buy them anyway. For some reason I found this flavour (there are three  flavours per big box)  had a hint of cherry flavour in it even though it says it's caramel almond. Weird, but it's probably just my taste buds this morning. 
I'd have it again, and that's a good thing considering I have a big box of them! Lol 


  1. Maybe try some almond milk and a tablespoon of fat free vanilla syrup (I use torini's) and may be another tablespoon of dry jello mix. I have a ton of protein smoothie recipes on my "Finding the Skinny Geek Within" facebook page and then in the "notes" section. Maybe check a few of them out. A few of my favorites are Cake Batter flavored, Blueberry Muffin and Snickerdoodle. All are fairly low calorie too.

  2. I have not tried a lot of protein powders (mostly I've found they don't taste good) but I did buy a President's Choice Vanilla Whey Protein powder a few years back and it was the first one I tried that I could stand. When I added fruit, plain yogurt & almond milk to it, it actually tasted pretty good. I'm not vegan though, and of course adding all that stuff is going to add points.

    As for Shakeology, I don't think that tastes all that great either. I definitely have to add stuff to it to make it palatable, and even then I find you have to chug it down fairly quickly or it gets a weird taste. I can't stand stevia though, so that may be part of the problem.



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