Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Well... My plan to track hasn't been going so well for the last three days. I've been completely off program. Thanksgiving tends to do that to people. Saturday we had hubby's family over and then Sunday we went out for dinner with my parents. They then came back to our place for pie. I've ate a lot of pie these last three days. Thankfully it's all gone now. I don't regret my decisions to eat what I wanted this past weekend, but I know it's now time to get back to tracking. I have been more tired than normal lately and I know it has to do with my carb and sugar filled meals I've been eating. So today I will count points and continue on with my journey. I expect a gain come Sunday but hopefully if I stay on point for the next five days, it might not be as bad as I think it could be. 

Besides getting back on track with counting points, I also have realized I need a better plan when it comes to exercise. You see, as I lose weight my daily WW point limit goes down. I've already dropped two points from when I started. It's exciting to drop points, but scary as well. I sometimes have a hard time staying within my daily limit and end up using some of my weekly points. It's totally allowed, but I don't like having to use them like that. The only way I can avoid that is to gain points with exercise. I need to start doing this now. It's time. If I don't get into a routine now, it will only be harder later. I struggle right now with 37 points a day at times, if I get to my weight loss goal and only have  25 points, I'll be starving! I need exercise points!! 

As a result, I created a plan. I made an exercise calendar. Firstly,  I looked into yoga. I've been thinking and talking about going back to the studio for awhile now, so last night I sighed up for a new beginner class. It will run for 6 weeks starting on Monday October 27th. I then looked into Zumba and found one offered on Wednesday nights. As I work shift work I'll only be able to do two a month for now, but it's a start. I then looked into aquafit and found times I can enjoy doing that too. I wrote it all out, now I just have to execute it! 
I love this new plan and I think I should be able to do it without any issues. I just have to fight the laziness. Like many others, when I'm tired all I want to do is, well.... nothing. Doing nothing got me fat. It's time to start doing something! I picked exercises that I think will be okay for my back and hips as they are still giving me issues. My hope is that with more stretching and strengthening and muscle building I'll only improve.  Each time I do the exercise I wrote out on my calendar, I will give myself a check mark. 
At the end of the month I'll add them up. Wish me luck!  


  1. Good luck Sonya! I'll be sending you good vibes!

  2. Looking forward to to hear how writing down the exercise plan goes ... I need to find some motivation for follow through.



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