Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Let the count down begin!!

We did it. Hubby and I just booked our trip to Jamaica. We'll be there for 10 days at the beginning of December! I can't wait!

Booking our trip has me even more motivated to lose more weight. After all, going on this trip is one of the reasons why I started this journey again. 

So far I have lost 12.5 pounds. It's not a lot considering I started in mid-August, but it's something and I'm proud of it. My goal is now to double my weight loss before we leave. That should be totally doable. I just must move my butt more. 

Moving always seems to be my problem. 

So far I haven't been that successful. Monday and Tuesday I had 14 hour workdays and basically came home very tired. I ate a snack, did my stretches and went to bed right away both nights. 
Today was different. I had the day off. I could have exercised. I thought about it, but didn't do anything about it. Instead I vegetated on the couch in the morning, did a tiny bit of house work in the afternoon and then hubby and I went out and booked our trip in the evening. I kinda feel guilty about not working out so far this week, so my goals for the next few days are these. 

Thursday - 30 min horseback ride
Friday - at least a 30 min walk on my break at work. 
Saturday - another 30 min walk at work.
Sunday - horseback ride after work - 30 min. 

Now that I have written my plan out I feel better. I mean, honestly that's not a lot considering the amount of exercise others do. I totally can do it and now that I have let you all know, I have to. This brings me to a great idea..... moving forward to help myself be more accountable I think each Sunday  I will not only WI, but I will also list my exercise goals for the week. That's got to help, right? 

I don't know why I struggle so much with exercise. I so wish I was one of those people who enjoyed it. Maybe after pushing myself to do it more often, one day I will. Fingers crossed, and toes too! For now, I have a plan for the week and it's time to execute it!! I can do it. 


  1. That is so exciting about your trip! I wrote about exercise earlier this week, it is hard training myself to move more because excuses not to come easy to me. But it makes a difference especially in how I feel afterwards. Good luck with your plan, you've got it! Just picture the beautiful scenery you'll be in soon ;)

  2. Oh what fun! I hope you guys have an amazing trip!

    Great plan for the week!!!

  3. My favorite form of exercise are horses!!!

    And I am SOO stoked that you just bought Jamaica tickets!!! Hub and I are wanting to find a place to go to as well--Jamaica came up, as well as Peru or New Zealand. You inspired me to get going and actually buy tickets!

    And GREAT job losing 12.5 lbs, that IS a lot since August--keep your chin up, you're doing great!!



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