Saturday, September 06, 2014

Why wait?

My new top! 

On Wednesday I went to the mall to buy more hand soap (love bath and body works!) and I found myself in Old Navy again. Of course I came out with two new shirts and if your wondering, yes they are from the maternity section again! Lol... Nope, I'm still not preggers. Just still love that section. If you missed why, click here. 

Now you might be wondering why I'm buying clothing when I'm clearly trying to lose weight. I'll tell you why. 

I'm tired of waiting!!! 

For years I'd put off spending a lot on clothes because I always was hoping/planning/wanting to lose weight. I always had the notion that once I lost weight then I'd go on a shopping spree. 

Now with that being said I also just have a hard time shelling out $50 on a sweater. $50 on something for the house? No problem.. But $50 on me? Nope. I guess that's why those shopping sprees never happened even when I was at my skinniest! 

need to change that. Recently when my hubby and I went out, he was dressed to impress and I was in a horrible pair of old jeans and a basic shirt. I also had a zip-up sweater I brought along which was wrinkled and I'm sure there was a bit of cat hair on it. Not at all my best look and my hubby called me out on it. can imagine how that went down. I was less than impressed by his comments, but you know what?  He was right. I looked horrible and in all honestly I felt horrible. That day (and argument) was a bit of a wake up call for me. I've gotten lazy. I've gotten comfortable and I've let myself go for too long. I need to take more pride in my appearance no matter what size I am. So I started shopping and boy has it been fun! So far I've bought two pairs of jeans and three new tops. I love wearing them. I feel more in style. More confident and even a bit pretty. That's what it's about my friends. Why have I always felt like I had to wait to be thin to feel those things? So. Darn. Dumb!  


  1. Today I said 'to heck with waiting' and went shopping for some new clothes. It's good for our self confidence which in turn is good for our weight loss efforts! (ok ok ok, I shopped at Goodwill......four items, of which three had the tags still on them......high end labels!.....and I only paid nine bucks...and what's best...Goodwill will get them back in a few months when I out shrink them!)

  2. I love this post! For a long time I was the same way, just waiting to have an amazing wardrobe when I lost weight. A few years ago that changed because I got tired of always feeling crappy about myself. So I started taking pride in my appearance. Yes, I've spent a lot of money in the process (between clothes,accessories, make-up and hair) but I've never felt better, despite being overweight. And honestly, I would've spent the money on something else so why not on clothing?



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