Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekly WW WI #7

The scale was all over the place this morning. I stepped on it three times and got three different numbers. Perhaps it needs new batteries. The number I successfully took a photo of (my scale "blinks" the number at me when being read so it can be a bit tricky!) was 234 lbs,  so I'll go with that. 

I'm up 0.5lbs this week and surprisingly I'm okay with that. I didn't reach my goal to lose, but considering my big loss of 5lbs last week and the fact I didn't think that was a true loss (as I was sick), I'm pleased not to have gained back more. I'm also days before when TOM comes to town so once again I'm cool with my first gain since starting WW again. 

This week I'm hoping will be better. I hope to be more active. I went for a walk yesterday with my Mom so that's a start. Onward and upward my friends, here's hoping for another great week ahead! 

Total lost since start: 12.5lbs 


  1. You have a great attitude! Hope you have a wonderful week, stay strong!

  2. Great way to realistically look at the numbers on the scale this week!

  3. Sorry about the gain but you had such a great week last week so it seems about right that the scale tries to be a butt this week!

  4. We can only use the scale as a relative gauge on our progress- definitely does not tell the whole story, right?

    Regardless of what that damn scale says, this is how I would modify your last paragraph..

    I will do better this week than last week because I'm always learning and improving. I will be more active. I went for a walk yesterday with my Mom so that's better than before. Onward and upward my friends, here's to another great week ahead!

    Little adjustments like that can make a huge impact on your outlook, right? ;-)

  5. Ups and downs are normal, sounds like the overall trend is in the right direction. :)



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