Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekly (WW) WI #5 and salad #50!

It's funny how the scale is. I always say I'm going  to stop doing this, but this week I did two check-ins to see if I was on track before today's official weigh-in. 

Friday it looked like I gained (even when I have been tracking well)

Saturday it said I lost a bunch. 

I blame the Friday WI on salt. I blame the Saturday WI on not getting out of bed and eating anything until 1pm. (Things you can do when you have no kids yet!)

Both WI played with my mind. This week my goal is to not check in before next Sundays WI. Let's see if I can do it!

Now let's get down to business.

Today's official WI (drum roll please)....

Weight Watchers Home WI #5
New weight: 238.5lbs

Total loss this week: 1lb

Total lost so far: 8lbs

I'll take it! 😄

Weight Watchers Online 
Current long term goal - just to get to Onederland!

A loss is a loss, and that is what I want each week my friends. I am happy. 

In other news I'm officially half way done my #100daysofsalad challenge! I ate salad #50 on Friday! I really should have gone and enjoyed a salad made by a real chef to celebrate, but instead I just ate this one. A combination of craisins, shredded cheddar cheese, croutons, baby spinage, romain lettuce and ceaser dressing! Not going to lie, it was tasty!! 

Salad #50!


  1. I can't stay away from the scales. It sounds like you know why the scales show up and you have a healthy relationship with the scales!

    MMMM I love love love craisins on my salad!!!

    1. It's so hard isn't it?! Craisins are my new fav addition to my salads. Yum!!!

  2. YES! It's WAY tough to stay away from that magical scale, don't blame ya ;)

    I like how you commented on why you know what happened--you still lost a lb though, and that's SO GREAT!!

    Keep up the hard work--I love LOVE that you are vegetarian too btw--I'm trying out vegan right now and am loooving not eating meat. You sure can lose a ton of weight wo any dairy or meat.

    Have a great day!

    1. That's great Kirtley! I'm lacto-ovo vegetarian. I LOVE cheese and can't seem to give it up just yet. Eggs also I eat for protein. :-/



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