Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekly points

I might have just ate two of these... 
macadamia nut cookie

I also might have ate this too...

Best Chocolate Bar Ever!

It hasn't been the greatest food day. In my defence though I also ate this...

Salad #53

The good news is though I'm still tracking. Those cookies... 6 points each. That chocolate bar was also 6 points. 

Yes, that equals a lot of points! 
Yes, I now have zero points left for the day.
Yes, I still have 8 hours to go on my night shift.


Thankfully,  I can use some weekly points along with eating lots of fruit (which are zero points!) overnight and I should be golden!! 

For those of you not farmilar with the Weight watchers program, when you sign up you get a daily amount of points you are allowed based on several factors. I get 39. I also get another 36 points though for the week which I can use whenever my little heart desires. 

I love WW weekly points. If I didn't have those extra points or wasn't on WW I would have ended up feeling guilty and bummed out about my slip up. With WW, I don't have those feelings because I know I'm still within my weekly allowance. I'm still on track!  Two cookies and one chocolate bar has not made me 'fall off the wagon'. I'm still on it and moving along just fine. 

That my friends is awesome!


  1. Sonya, I would love to send you a few good recipes! I also have recently started WW and found a few good cookie recipes that satisfy my sweets cravings!

    1. Hi Mellisa! Thanks for your comment and your willingness to share your recipes! My email is eyesonthehourglass@gmail.com :) Good luck to you on your journey as well. Do you also have a blog?

  2. Just found your blog and I'm excited to follow your journey. I have never done WW so your explanation of the points taught me something new today. Good luck!

    1. Welcome Alati! Thanks for being excited! I look forward to reading more from your blog as well. :)

  3. I've done that so many times...indulge and then end up with no ww points left for the day (or calories when I was on the calorie counting stage). It becomes a fun challenge sometimes! You rock!!!!



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