Friday, September 12, 2014

Trouble in paradise -- cat addition

Hubby and I had a fight this morning. It's always about the same thing. My cats. He has never been very fond of them. He told me many moons ago all he needed was time to get use to them, but rather than warming up to them, he's just learned to hate them more and more. It kinda breaks my heart. The main issue is my sweet Emily's pooping and the smell that comes from that.  I've had her for 10 years and she has never used her litter box for #2 consistently if at all. Now If she does use it she never covers her poop. Yes, it's gross and can smell, and I wish she didn't do it, but I have always just picked up after her and moved on. She always poops near her litter box if not inside it. That was until yesterday.  Yesterday she pooped on the floor of our bathroom. Hubby was less then impressed and let me know which of course got me upset. When I'm upset I usually cope with food. I'm really trying not to. Especially since I did a preWI this morning and was less than impressed by what I saw on the scale (despite tracking all week). I'm hoping come Sunday it will be better. 

I blame the "pooping on our bathroom floor" event on the fact I recently changed her food. She has never done that before, but now I have this fear she will again. I so badly want her issues to stop as I find when she does have an accident, hubby has a meltdown about it. This in turn causes issues in our relationship. It's so darn hard and very stressful. I love him, but I also love her and I don't want to get rid of her. I don't know what to do. 

Recently I changed her litter to "training" litter. I have seen improvements, but as I said even though she is pooping more often in the box she doesn't cover it. To help with this, I bought an automatic litter box. That box is great at helping me keep it clean etc... And when she uses it, it does scoop out her poop well. I also have a second regular litter box, as in the beginning I feared she wouldn't like the new box. I also just have always had two as I have two cats. They both still use this box as well and I try to clean it out daily. I have an automatic air freshener in the room. I even have an air purifier and I vaccume way more than I use to when I was single. I mean really... I feel like I'm doing everything I can, yet if Emily poops it all doesn't matter. The smell is there and hubby freaks. I wish he would relax about the issue. Chill out a bit. Respect my love for them enough to not start a fight, but I don't think he can. I seriously wish I could hypnotize him and make him love my cats or at lest make him think poop smells like roses. Ugh.... I just feel so down about the situation. I can't handle any more fights. 

Right now I feel like eating fries and ice cream or anything else comforting. I also feel like doing absolutely nothing. My mood is low and add that to the fact my right hip is still tight as hell I just feel crappy. I decided to cancel a date with friends, but I do hope I can get out to buy some healthy groceries (and resist my current cravings) and go for a walk or something a little later. Maybe it will help clear my head. 

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  1. I feel for you! I was lucky in that my husband loves cats (I wrote in my journal before I ever me him or even started dating that my future husband had to love and accept my cat)

    Good luck with the cravings....stress and worry will do that to you! Hold strong!!!!



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