Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pain in the.... Hip

So.... I'm still having hip issues. As in sore, achy, tight hips. It's frustrating. It's discouraging. My hips have been sore off and on for about 5 years, but a year and a half ago, it got so bad that I decided to go to a chiropractor. Prior to that I was pretty anti-chiropractor, but I was desperate for some help. I was in so much pain. Initially I was super pleased with the results. I felt much better, but now, the pain comes in waves. I'll be okay for a week or two and then bam... something happens which I feel sets me back to square one.  That 'something' could be related to the physical demands of my job or simple stuff like sitting, standing or walking for too long. I'm 35 years old and there are times I feel like my body is much, much older. I fear fibromyalgia. My mother has it and apparently it's hereditary. A common trigger point and starting point is in the hips. My chiropractor wonders if I might have brutitis. I hope I have neither. 

On Tuesday I went back to my chiropractor and she gave me a few new stretches to try. I even bought a Thera-band to assist myself in doing the new stretches. I'm to stretch twice a day and then go back in three weeks. If I still do not have relief she is going to order an X-ray. For my next appointment she told me to bring  my yoga mat and Thera-band and she'll do the stretches with me. My chiropractor truly is awesome. She really takes the time to help me. I'm so very appreciative.  Prior I had another doctor who was also very nice, but he always seemed in a rush. He had way too many clients and I just felt like a product on an assembly line. My new doctor doesn't make me feel that way AT ALL.  Seriously, what doctor tells you they will run up and down stairs with you to warm up and then do a bunch of stretches with you?! I'm so lucky to have found her. 

I'm really hoping that with these new stretches I will find some relief. The more I continue on this journey and read other people's blogs, I'm wanting to do more. Yes, I horseback ride and LOVE it, but winter is coming and I'm not sure if I'll be moving Joelle to a place I can ride her inside or not (that's a post for another time). If I can't ride this winter, I need to do something else. I need to do more. I haven't signed up for anything yet, but I'm contemplating it. Today was such a beautiful day I thought how nice it would be to start running again. I think about Aquafit and trying Zumba and going back to yoga class. My desire to do something else is starting to happen, but my fear of pain is preventing me.... And well,  let's be totally honest, laziness is a huge factor that is preventing me too! It's so much easier to watch workouts on tv than do them yourself! I'm getting there though... I have finally wrapped my brain around doing WW again, now my mind is starting to change about the idea of exercising more. I'm contemplating it and that makes me one step closer to change. I just hope my hips can keep up. 


  1. I hope your hips feel better. I can relate to the fybro fear, my BFF has it and I see how much it has changed her life and ability to do things. Stay strong!

    1. Sorry to hear of the pain, I hope it lessens more every day and you can do the active things you enjoy.



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