Tuesday, September 23, 2014


FINALLY, I'm starting to feel back to myself, minus a lingering cough. I'm still taking DM cough syrup for that, but I managed to get a lot of house work done yesterday.  I was tired after, as my energy level is still pretty low,  but at least I got the carpets vacuumed, the living room free of dust, and my flowers watered. I even went through a crazy amount of paperwork that had been piling up. It feels good. What's that saying?

Clean house equals a clear mind.... something like that.

For me it's kinda true.

It's funny how I feel so much more relaxed and at ease when the house is clear of clutter. It's also funny that despite this, I never seem to keep it that way. I could blame it on my husband who never seems to put anything away once he pulls it out, but I'm not that much better.  Most of the crap around here is mine. I blame it on the fact I don't have a 'home' for a lot of my stuff. I need to change that.  I want the house to be super organized. If not, when kiddies enter the picture, this house will be a total right off. Okay, you're right, it could end up being a right off anyway, but at least it will be messy with baby stuff rather than baby stuff, my stuff and hubby's stuff. This is what I'm thinking anyway.

My first project was to make a shoe closet.  I wouldn't ever describe myself as a shoe girl. I'm already 5'11" so I don't have this desire to buy the sexy heels that a lot of girls do. I don't need the height, and I seriously can't walk in anything more than a kitten heel.  Regardless of this fact though, I still seem to have accumulated a lot of shoes. Hubby also has enough and then I have a tenant who rents a room in our house and she also has shoes. This had resulted in a clutter of shoes in our front foyer.  I hated it. I'd walk in the front door and BAM, seven pairs of shoes just laying around.

In our front foyer I have two different closets. I always thought it was a bit strange. The larger one I had shoes on little ikea racks, and of course our coats are there, the smaller second one? Junk. I just never knew what to use it for, so I just put crap in there that didn't really have a home.

I changed that.

Hubby and I made a  shoe closet! We got the shelves from LOWES cut them to size, bought the brackets and instillation was pretty easy! I love the finished product. The shoes are finally off the floor and our shoes are finally organized.

More and more I realizing that this journey I'm on is about taking back control and organizing my life.   I feel so much more in control of my food when I'm on WW, and now with little projects like this, I feel like other aspects of my life are more organized as well. It's so great for the mind, body and soul.


  1. Looks good! I need one of those myself!

  2. Um YES!!!

    I couldn't agree with you more!

    Having a clean house makes a HUGE difference for me!! I feel better, and want to stay clean myself--including with what I eat!

    Awesome point Sonya! Thanks for pointing that out!



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