Friday, September 05, 2014

Eating out

I've had subway twice this week. Once on Wednesday and once today. Wednesday I was too lazy to make anything at home. Today I slept in late and didn't have time to make a lunch. Not great, but it is what it is. Now, I always get the same thing -- footlong veggie on flatbread with lite mayo/sub sauce and salt and pepper. The problem is I'm not really sure how to calculate the calories/points. It's always been like that for me any time I'm on WW.  I do know according to my tracker that a footlong flat bread is 12 points *gulp*  but it's the lite mayo and sub sauce that I have issues with. In hindsight I should have got those on the side and brought a tablespoon with me. Too anal? Perhaps. What it comes down to I guess is I'm so concerned about not counting enough points that I think I might be counting too much. 

My sub today = 21 points!!! That seems really high for just a veggie sub. Then again maybe it's not. 1.5 portions of mayo = 3 points. Two portions of sub sauce = 6 points, or so I think and then the bread. *sigh* Either way, I think I'll try to get a 6" next time or none at all. Way too many points for one sandwich no matter how big it is.  I thought I was making a good choice with a sub, but I guess not so much when I picked a footlong!!! Why I picked it twice? Who knows. Oh right... I was HUNGRY!!! 

I'm also worried about the sodium content (despite the fact I wasn't when ordering apparently!!) I know it's super high.  Now I'm downing the water like a crazy person. WI is on Sunday and I don't want to be disappointed. 

Footlong x 2 -- farewell. You aren't worth the hassle anymore.  I'll stick to my salads thanks! 

Week 6 Complete! (days 37-43) #100daysofsalad

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