Monday, September 01, 2014

Bottomless Pit

Today has been a tough food day. I haven't caved and ate poutine or anything, but man...

I can't get satisfied!!!

It has been especially hard since dinner. It's been a laundry/TV kinda night which is great for relaxing, but it hasn't left me distracted enough to forget my rumbling tummy. Since dinner, (which was four vegetarian 'chicken' nuggets, fresh green beans and brussel sprouts), I have been eating fruit up that wazoo in hopes that I'd get full. Apple, mango, banana. Nothing has helped. I ended up using some extra weekly WW points and ate some of my 15g protein cottage cheese and still, I'm hungry. Now I'm chugging back water in hopes that will help.

TOM is definitely around the corner.

I hate you TOM!

You will not get the best of me. 

Goal for tomorrow....

Even more protein and maybe a little more carb, to fill the tummy. 

Take that TOM. Take that. 


  1. I'm like that too with TOM. Good idea about chugging the water!

  2. Beat that TOM hunger into submission!!!!



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