Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekly WI

Down 0.5lbs this week!

New weight = 241.0lbs

Another loss and I'm happy about that. Sure I'd love it to be more, but I am still grateful. TOM is right around the corner, my belly feels crampy and bloated so I'll take that 0.5lb loss and run with it. My goal each week is to simply lose, so let's celebrate a goal accomplished!!  I know I can lose more next week and I will! 

Tracking has been spot on this week.  My salad challenge I'm still kicking ass with.  Now if only I could start getting better at the exercise thing. I guess I'm not ready for that yet as I keep putting it off. Soon hopefully I'll change, but I'm not there mentally yet. I guess part of it is  I have no idea what exercise to really do. I've never really stuck to anything, which I guess means I've never really liked anything enough... Hopefully, I'll find something I enjoy enough in the future. Fingers crossed.  

WI #3 - 241.0lbs - down 0.5lbs from last week.
Week 5 done - Days 30-36


  1. Moving in the right direction, way to go Sonya! I'm in the same boat about exercise. I need to start moving this body, even if all I can manage is some short walks or dancing like a fool in the privacy of my own home. Keep going!



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