Saturday, August 23, 2014

Weekly WI- The first since starting WW (again)

I stepped on the scale this morning because I felt skinny. Ever have those days? I didn't feel bloated. The tummy looked a bit flatter. I just felt good. 

Then I felt fantastic as the scale showed this.... 

I lost 5lbs!!!! 
New weight: 241.5lbs

That my friends is why I need to track!!! Finally I am making some progress. 

WI #2 - Finally a good loss! (excuse my "i need a pedicure" feet) 

One food creation that has helped me stay satisfied this week is a combination of cottage cheese, source yogurt and fruit! Might not sound tasty, but it sooo is. Yesterday, I ate my cottage cheese with berry yogurt and strawberries. Today, I'm trying it with peach yogurt and fresh peaches. My 1% cottage cheese has 15gm of protein for 1/2 cup!!! Fantastic! Helps me stay full that much longer. 

1% cottage cheese (3pts)  with source yogurt (1pt) and  peaches (0pts)

I also just finished week 4 of my #100daysofsalad!!! Woohoooo!!!

First month done!
So despite my hard emotional days this week, I still was able to keep it together and finally lose weight I can be proud of!! 


  1. Congratulations Sonya! Tracking and salad are a winning combination. I like my cottage cheese plain, like I mean no fruit or anything but black pepper. I'll have to trust you on your concoction. Great job on making a change for health.

  2. Oh my word!!! That's an awesome loss!!! Congrats!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats! Tracking definitely makes a difference! :)



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