Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekly WI - clearly I need to track

I weighed myself again this week and yet again I was disappointed. 

0.5lb+ gain

Weight = 246.5lbs

My mid-week weigh-in was fantastic, but I just couldn't keep it together for the remainder of the week. Hubby and I went out for "date day" in Toronto on friday and enjoyed a lunch out when we were there. He really wanted Jamaican food and since we always usually go where I want to go, I thought it was only fair this time to go where he wanted to. I ended up eating this.... 

Yes, there is a salad there (#100daysofsalad), but underneath it is a carb filled Jamaican dinner. A not diet friendly Jamaican dinner. I ended up eating about half, but it was so not worth it. It didn't even taste good and pretty much immediately made me bloat like I was 7 months pregnant. Not exaggerating. I should have taken a picture. My belly was rock hard and I was uncomfortable.  Then of course the bathroom issues came.... I couldn't go.

So. Not. Worth. It.

I blame the bloating on the chickpeas mostly, but I think I finally have learned my belly can't handle any large amount of carbs like potatoes, rice or pasta. Of course this meal had all of the above with the exception of pasta.   

Since friday and my failing meal choice. I fell into the "whatever" attitiude. The "I'm going to gain this week anyway so why not have a muffin or an ice cream cone".... both of which I ate yesterday.

So. Not. Good!

Friday I made a bad choice. Sunday I let old behaviours and attitudes take over. NO MORE.  It's crazy how fast they can sneak in if you aren't careful. Today is a new day though and I am determined to change my thinking and finally lose weight I can be proud of. I clearly can't do this on my own. Despite eating salads (I swear, most are far better than the above example) I still eat too many calories for weight loss.

Enter Weight Watchers.

I've begun to track my friends. 

It's time to get serious. 

Finally Tracking

In other news... I forgot to post Week 3 salad pics so here they are. Yes, I'm still going strong with my #100daysofsalad challenge. Thank goodness!!!

Week 3 - August 8-14, 2014 

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  1. I had a similar weekend, but I gained at least 8 lbs. That 'whatever' attitude burns us every time. I'm with you, back to tracking and making healthier choices. Let's do this!



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