Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekly Weigh-in

I'm embarrassed.

Really embarrassed.

I just weighed myself and somehow I managed to gain the weight back I lost last week. 


Weight back up to 246lbs


Feeling totally discouraged.

Yes, TOM  is here and making me feel bloated, but I can't entirely blame it on him. I did after all have one over indulging  night of celebration this week. I'm also wondering if my salads (although full of good nutrients) were still too many calories to induce weight loss. 

Why must weight loss be so darn hard? I feel like I've made far more good choices than bad this week (I KNOW I did!!!), yet I didn't lose weight. Ugh.....I feel like I'll be on this roller coaster forever. 

This week, I plan to try even harder. I need to lose weight dammit! 


1. Continue with #100daysofsalad, but be mindful of what goes into the salad and how many points are used.

2. During other meals  eat half portions. For example, if I want to eat two pieces of toast. I'll have just one instead and substitute the other piece with fruit or veggies.

3. Up the exercise -- must get moving! 


  1. 1.5 when on TOM sounds normal. Please don't beat yourself up too much. :: hugs ::

  2. There is NO SHAME! This is life. TOM will do it. And sometimes weeks are just like that! So do not kick yourself in the keister. Move on with a smile and a vow to remedy the issues that caused the gain! (or just wait out TOM!)

  3. Hugs! It sure is a struggle! You will probably do better next week when TOM isn't visiting!

  4. Ditto to what Gwen said! 1.5 during TOM week is nothing! I bet you'll be back on track next week.



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