Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Feeling proud today because....

I once again did not go to Tim Hortons. It's a daily struggle. I made my tea at home instead which tasted just as good and was cheaper. Plus as I stated in my past post I stayed away from boston cream donuts!! I ate far too many of those in the past. 

I resisted chocolate milk at work. I love chocolate milk! 

I wanted a whole bagel for breakfast, but decided to only eat half. 

I ate 2 apples today -- I never do that. 

I ate my 12th salad as part of my #100daysofsalad challenge. Twelve folks!!!  I've ate a green salad each day for 12 days.  Before my vacation, I'd go without eating a salad for 12 days or longer! 

My desires for weight loss and the reasons behind it, are finally starting to mean more to me than a quick mouth watering fast food meal. 


  1. Love it when YOU choose YOU! Keeeeep Goooooing!!! Happy for you :)

  2. Yay!!!!! You should be proud!!! You are doing an amazing job!!!!

  3. Wow! What wonderful NSV's and you are doing great with these choices!!



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