Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Measuring Spoons and More

Yesterday, I did something different when making my salad. I actually brought out my measuring spoons! I measured my salad dressing and my nuts that went into my salad. I even noted how many points my egg and croutons would be.

I hate tracking. I've done it sooooo many times and yes, although it works in the short-term, it never works long-term for me. I guess that is why I have resisted it so much this time. I want to do something different this time. Something that will last. I'm trying to be more mindful this time (eat when I'm only hungry). I'm trying to pick better choices (apples instead of chocolate), I'm even doing the half portion thing. These have been big changes for me folks. Big changes, and I guess that is why when I saw a 1.5+ gain on the scale on sunday, I had a bit of a melt down.  I so wish weight loss could happen without tracking.

I know those who wrote comments are right though. A 1.5+ gain isn't so bad when on TOM. I'd say the same thing to any of you if you wrote what I did. So instead of focusing on the scale, I need to continue doing what I'm doing and the weight will come off. I have to have faith that it will. If it still doesn't, then I have to start tracking even if I don't want to and stop whining about it.

Today, I joined a group on Facebook (that is part of a larger group) that is doing a 5 day kick start challenge on clean eating. I feel like I've been eating cleaner than I ever have, so I joined.  I'm hoping it will help keep me even more accountable this week so I can finally see a sustaining loss on the scale.

As for the exercise thing. I have yet to do any.  I won't even tell you how many hours I slept yesterday -- crazy. Today, I don't feel like doing anything either. I have NO energy at all. It's been a "the house is a mess, and I don't give a rats" kinda day so far for Lucky and I. We've been couch potatoes watching two movies on our "weekend", but hopefully I can force myself out of the house for a walk later.  After all one of my goals this week is to get my behind moving more and  if I'm too lazy for a walk, this weight will never come off!



I just came back from a hour long walk! I decided to buy corn on the cob for dinner and instead of driving to the market, I walked 35 min there and back! 
Operation #getbuttmoving has started!! 


  1. I hate tracking too. I hate using my scale to weigh my foods. I hate my measuring cups. And I'm still working on the exercise/get moving part. My 'I hate list' when I'm thinking clearly, I see it's just the part of me that just doesn't want to deal with the whole food sh*t. The reality is...I can't afford to not weigh my food, measure my food, track my food. Sucks. Until I have my 3 month weigh in. Hang in there :) I so get it.

  2. What kind of world is this when apples are considered a better choice that chocolate? Okay, maybe a healthier choice. Still, nooooooo! Kudos for taking the walk!!! One of my goals this week is to step foot on the treadmill. I need to start moving and you are a great example. Good luck with the challenge.



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