Monday, August 25, 2014


I seriously love this stuff.... 

I drink sooooooooooo much more water because of it. 

I ate my #100daysofsalad dinner at midnight (working nights here) and drank and drank away for the rest of my shift until I felt hungry again 6 hours later. 

6 hours later peeps!!!

That's a long time.

Okay.... For me. 

Just shows you that when you eat right (a good protein filled salad) and you drink your 8+ glasses of water a day, dieting isn't so hard. 

Hahahaha, who am I kidding? 

Yes it is.... But at least a little less so tonight because of it. 


  1. Hey!

    I am a water addict toooooo!! The more the better for weight loss (except when you die because you drank too much) because it really is the magical appetite suppresant!

    You're doing awesome, working nights is tough!!!!

  2. Some days though, it is just as easy as that! :-)



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