Thursday, August 07, 2014

Celebrations = food, or does it?

Sometimes I wish I was more like my husband. He does not pair food and emotions. Food is energy and that is pretty much it for him.  He doesn't eat when he's happy, sad, lonely, anxious, etc... He eats only when hungry. This means at times when we go to a restaurant he will sit with me but won't order food himself. When I first started dating him, I thought that was the weirdest thing ever. Maybe even a little rude. "So what if you aren't hungry" I thought, "eat anyway!!!"  We were at a restaurant after all. On a date even. 

I often wonder why we are so different. Maybe (probably) it's a cultural thing. He grew up in Nigeria and Jamaica. I grew up in Canada. Beyond culture though, it also probably has something to do with how we were raised -- The family thing.  My family goes out and celebrates at restaurants. Mother's Day/Father's Day/birthdays/anniversaries etc...etc... For me it doesn't feel like I've truly celebrated if food is not involved. For "lucky", he doesn't have that same need to celebrate with food. Unless of course he is actually hungry! 

I bring this up today because yesterday was a special day for my husband. I wanted to go out and celebrate and so did others we were with. My husband being humble and not hungry did not. I told him he was being a party pooper and that we need to celebrate. Of course this meant going out.  Eventually I won the fight and we went going to a restaurant for appetizers and cocktails.  My husband being who he is, did not have either when out. He had water with lemon and watched the rest of us eat. Lol.... I feel like I celebrated and he didn't but I know that is so wrong. I know he had just as good a time as I did. It's the conversations and time with others that count. Not food. I wish I was more like my husband. If I was I wouldn't feel guilty for eating and drinking a bit naughty yesterday after doing so well the day before. 


  1. You husband is extremely wise, and has the right attitude about food. You could probably really benefit from reading up on emotional eating. It's entirely possible, and BETTER, to celebrate without focusing on the food aspect of it. Focus on the camaraderie instead. :)

  2. Wow....Yeah, I wish I could be more like your husband!!! I eat just to eat though. :-(



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