Friday, August 01, 2014

Before photos (which really mean what I look like right this minute)

I took these photos in a change room to show one of my tall girlfriend the new shirt I was going to buy before my holidays. Seems weird I know, but it's a big deal for a tall girl when you find a shirt which is super long. This one (shhhhhh) is a maternity shirt, but before you get excited, no I am not pregnant. I just have recently discovered (by accident) that maternity shirts are a tall plus sized girl's best friend :) The first maternity shirt I tried on not even realizing it was for moms-to-be.   When I looked at myself in the mirror and loved how it looked though, I could have cared less. The top was fantastic. 

If you're reading this and are also tall, and can get over the fact you're wearing baby wear when you're not preggers..... seriously, check out the maternity section!!! I've convinced two tall/plus sized friends already. Heck, even if you are tall and skinny check it out. I plan to when I get there.   I LOVE long tops and I just haven't found anything as lengthy in just the plain lady section and as for the plus size stores, forget it. They think all plus sized woman are short with big boobs! 

Anyway, although you can't see my most hated area on my body that well (my double chin/fat neck),  for now I'll call these my "before photos".  

July 2014 - 244.5lbs (XXL top/size 18 pant) 

July 2014 (XXL top, size 18 pant) 


  1. Good idea.....glad you found a solution!

  2. I find lots of clothes online at It takes me a while to find things that are my style and I tend to at times be frustrated in general about my clothes b/c I'm not an 80 yr old granny looking for cruise wear. Not anything against 80 yr old grans but...thats not me. LOL. What I like best about this site is they sell brands I'm familiar with and like you, I want long shirts. You'll see they call them 'tunics' on this site but thats their way of saying "These are long tops/shirts". Happy shopping!

    1. Thanks for this website Jae. I'll have to check it out!

  3. I have the opposite problem - I'm short, so just about every top I try is too long. When the shirt is too long, it just makes me look shorter!



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