Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eating a salad doesn't equal weight loss

.... But boy I wish it did!

Hi again! So I'm still doing well on the salad challenge and eating more fruit and veg than I was before my vacation. I even made a veggie soup for dinner last night. Only thing is I haven't seen any weight loss. I took a sneak peak on Tuesday and I was actually up! Eeekkk!!!!  Not cool!! Why did that happen?? That is not the direction I want to go in, thank you very much. I'm hoping to see different on Saturday which will be my official weigh in day, but I kinda dread it won't be.

I ask why, but ugh..really, I do know. I'm still not "tracking" and I know when I don't track I don't lose weight. No matter if it's healthy food or not, I'm apparently still eating too much of it.  I know I need to track. I just hate that I have to.  

I also know I need to move my behind more. It's been hard working nights and all... But I know I could be doing more. I did go horseback  riding once this week  (trust me folks, that's a full body workout) but I need to do even more. I still am finding that I have been sitting on the couch too much. Usually exhausted. Usually lazy. This also has to change. 

This weight loss thing is hard for me, but baby step by baby step I am going to win this time. I promise. It might not look like it now, but I will.

In other news, I updated "my story" in the tab bar. If you want to know more about me, that is where you'll find it! 

Day 4 -- 7 superfood salad

Day 5 -- southwest salad

Day 6 -- my "not very exciting salad" salad 

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