Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wow.... am I ever fat!

That's how I have been feeling lately.
tire around my waist, triple chin


It's horrible.

....and not good for the self esteem, let me tell ya.

Once again I let food comfort me during difficult times and now I'm back to square one folks.

How flipping depressing.

How many times must I ride this rollercoaster?

How many times must I fall off this wagon before I finally stay on?

It SUCKS I tell you.


Ugh, I wish I could get a handle on this food crud once and for all.

The good news is I suppose, that my motivation is starting to return (thank you Jesus!), and that is why I've returned to writing. I've decided that starting tomorrow I'll type out everything I put into my mouth and post it for the world to see. I need to...this insanity has to stop. I need some accountability and this blog is going to give it to me. I know that if I have to post what I eat for you to read, I will not have that burger and fries, or that breakfast sandwich, or chips or heeps of ice cream that I am so quick to eat as of late. Instead I'll want to tell you I'm eating healthy so I will. I might even cook more and share recipes with you once again. That was fun right? I might even tell you about how I got back into walking and running and swimming and yoga. That would be cool to hear about too, right?

Man I miss that girl. That energized girl who was not only an inspiration for herself, but others too. I'm ready to find her again. So join me as I do. Stick around folks. This chick is back and once again I plan to rock it.

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  1. you must have a proper exercise and good diet... that's the secret.. i'll join you!!! go go go



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