Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 3 - Silly Tarts

Well... I'm not perfect. I'm tired and my boss brought down a plate of butter tarts. Of all things people. One of my favourite foods! As you might have guessed I totally caved and had one. Here's hoping I can resist having more (there are still 4 on the plate saying eat me eat me),  along with resisting the coffee cake that also came along with the tarts.

I have to learn though. There are going to be many foods that I come up against that I can't have. Well.... lets not say can't shall we. There are no 'bad' foods. Just bad portions right?! But you know what I mean. I do have what I call red light foods that really I should stay away from. French fries being one of them!  They always seem to send me into a tail spin.

So here's to resisting those butter tarts and coffee cake and chowing down on the veggies and raspberries I brought with me instead. I can do this... afterall, losing weight is more important to me than a quick fix of tart.

* working nights*

Breakfast @ 4:45pm
  • 2 eggs over hard
  • tiny bit of cheese and S&P  (to put on eggs)
  • 2 pc of bread with margarine  (to make egg sandwich)
Snack @ 5:30pm (as I was still hungry - not good I know )
  • 1 pc. of bread with peanut butter and jam
Drink @ 6:15pm (on the way to work)
  • Tim Horton's Steeped Tea - 2 sweetener, 3 milk
2nd Snack @ 8:00pm
  • evil butter tart
  • water
3rd Snack @ 10:00pm
  • 12 oz of raspberries with splenda
  • water
  • veggies and ranch dip
Dinner @ 1:30am
  • Yves Brand meatless meatballs x4
  • Blue Menu - rice/soy bean concoction
Snack @ 5:00am
  • Cheerios and milk

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