Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 2

I'm working nights tonight. I always find when I transition from days to nights hard food wise. I never know when to eat, how much to eat and what I'll feel like eating at 4am.  It's hard.

I weighed myself today. I'm 251 pounds. Not happy about it, but the good news is I'm exactly the same weight I was in June!  At least I didn't gain anymore between then and now, right? So that is something to be pleased about.

Here's my menu so far....

Breakfast @ 10am

  • 2pc toast with PB and banana
  • 1 cup bolthouse chai vitamin drink
Lunch @ 5pm (I had a nap between 10am and 5pm)
  • Subway - new veggie patty sub on flatbread - footlong (hoping it will hold me for awhile).
  • Nestea Zero
Drink Snack @ 6:30pm
  • Grande iced tazo chai from Starbucks (light ice and lactose free milk)  - felt guilty after drinking it :(
Snack @ 11:15pm
  • Fresh raspberries - 12oz with splenda
  • Mixed veggies c/ ranch dip  
  • Several cups of water
Dinner @ 4:15am
  • Green beans and Quinoa with margarine and S&P
  • Soup - Gardennay market vegetable blend 
Snack #2 @ 8:30am
  • Bowl of honey nut cheerios with milk

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