Sunday, January 09, 2011


I FINALLY weighed in. 

I'm embarrassed to tell you that I have gained a crap load of weight.

New weight - 233.6lbs. 

That is a 8.4 pound gain since November 25, 2010.


(maybe if you did I'd actually burn some more calories and lose some weight!).

Yes, I've ate so much I've now lost my 20lb milestone and my 15 pound milestone for that matter.

Sucks, sucks, sucks......

I think the same old thing happened that happens every time I fall off the wagon.  I was tired (and this time sick) and lazy and started grabbing on the go to make it 'easier' on myself. Then Christmas happened and I lost my motivation. I just said to myself I'll get back on track 'later' and gave into the goodies and crap food - and lots of them! 

The good news is, like I said before,  I finally did enter a WW meeting and I've started learning the new program. Recalculating everything is a big pain in my behind, but it's a pain I'm willing to have at the moment. I need to have this pain! So far I'm loving the fact that veggies and fruit are zero points (minus a few exceptions apparently). Funny enough I've actually been craving them lately. HA-HA, that should tell ya how much I haven't been eating them in the last month!  

Most of the things I use to eat have increased by only a point or two. Not too shabby considering my daily limit has also increased along with my weekly, so hopefully I'll be okay going forward. Are any of you who are still out there (who haven't given up on me) doing the WW new program? How do you find it?

I also plan to get back into running and exercising in general. I've been a total coach potato lately minus the regular routine and going and visiting Joelle. I was given the new Wii Fit for christmas and will be using it a lot in the future. My running buddy and I have also started planning days to get back together and start moving again (Hi running buddy - I know you're reading!) so I'm excited to move forward and shed the pounds I gained and reach my goal of 54 pounds lost by my birthday in June. Fingers crossed! 
I might not have lost 27 pounds by december 31st - because I absolutely 100% self sabotaged myself.....ugh.... but I swear I'll do everything I can to make up for it and still reach my second goal.

So here's to resolutions (of sorts) and moving forward. 

Cheers to all! 

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  1. Every day can be a new start! You'll get those pounds gained off quickly, I'm sure. And I've learned (and I'm sure you know too) that planning is the key. When you have delicious healthy food ready, it's easier to keep on track. You can do it!



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