Friday, November 05, 2010

WI plus more

I'm fighting depression. The last two days it won. Today I think I did - a little.  Today I got out of bed and went and weighed in.  Look what happen......

How the hell did that happen?

Weight loss sure takes you on a crazy journey. I can't explain that weight loss at all. I'll take it though!!!! I'm definitely  not where I want to be, and I wish I was one of those bloggers who can lose 100lbs in a year, but I'm not. This journey is super hard and it's going to be super long for me. The key is to just never give up - period.

I started using etools again today and promise that I will for the rest of the week. I still have lots of fresh food in the house so there isn't a reason I can't stay on plan.


I'm trying to force myself to be active and social, but it hasn't been happening lately. As I've previously blogged about, I've been sleeping more than anything. I did get out today though and clean up my garden. I told myself I would on my days off and I finally did it. Thank god. I decided to do this instead of running. Of course I could have done both, but right now, one thing a day is enough.

I've been on my anti-depressent for a week now. No major changes yet as to be expected, except some nausea for about 2 hours after taking it. I was anticipating this though as when I researched the medication it stated that in clinical trials most people had the same side effect. Thankfully they also stated it went away after one week. Here's hoping mine does too!

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