Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weekly WI :-)

Look who lost more weight!!!!


I was so worried all week I was going to screw up/self sabotage (again) and lose my 20 pound milestone.  It didn't help I wasn't tracking like I should have been. I have been "careful" and sort of was counting in my head, but still...not good!  Don't worry, I'm back to tracking online again now. It's too stressful when I don't! 

I'm now only 2.4lbs away from my 10%  - Wooohoooooo!!! 

add the fact that hot doctor gave me a super nice compliment yesterday, life is GOOD! 

...that or the pills are really working! ;-)

whatever it is, I'll take it!!!!!!!

Anyway, I ended up heading to the grocery store after my WI this morning (I went this AM, as I can't go at my usual time tonight) and then I came home and had some of these......

so good!!!!!

Say what? Potato chips?  Oh yes, that's right my friends. I ate these puppies and didn't even feel guilty about it!!!! I  might be the last on the planet to find them, but these are Kettle Brand "baked" salted potato chips. 170Cal, 4.5g Fat, 3g fibre, 4g protein for 30-32 chips aka 40g/serving.

They are worth searching for.

Total Yumminess!!! 


  1. Sonya that is FANTASTIC!!!
    Way to go on the weight loss.....I wish I could lose some of me too!
    Are you excited for the new program? I am hoping it will get rid of the lost and found game I have been playing for the last 3 months!! UGGGG!
    I love those brand of chips. I buy the salt and vinegar ones YUMMMY!!
    PS Do you twitter?

  2. I'm not on Twitter yet Conny, but I'm thinking about it!

  3. Yaaaaaay!

    I'm back to hard core journalling--I need to keep myself accountable. But those chai eggnog lattes are my downfall!




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