Monday, November 01, 2010

Plans I can Handle

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately where people are starting to make goals for the end of the year. Some want to work out so many times in the week or a month, while others want to lose X amount of weight in Y amount of time.  Truly everyone is on the same page.

Everyone except me.

I'm all for goals (you all know this), but it's weird, for some reason I don't want to commit to goals such as these.  Sure I've set goals like completing the couch to 5K program and did it. I even set goals to run 5Ks and have done that. So why are setting goal like wanting to work out more during the week and lose more weight by a certain time so hard for me?  I still haven't figured it out completely. I think maybe it's because I've learned from the past that every time I do this I fail. The pressure is too much for me and I cave under the stress. Silly? Yup, but that's me I guess.

For now unlike the mounds of people in blogland, I have decided to do what's best for me. So my goal is to just stay on the wagon one day at a time. My goal is never to give up no matter how hard it gets. My goal is to simply lose weight.

In order to meet those goals I of course need to put plans in place. Plans to keep healthy food in the house, plans to WI every week. Plans to run with friends when I can.  Plans I can handle. :-) Plans I rock at....okay well...sometimes.

I'm pleased to say I now have healthy food in my house and I've tracked on etools for the first time in about 2 weeks. I'm finally feeling back on track folks and I'm ready to move forward one day at a time!

Now, in other news, one of my close friends has decided to start her own blog. I'd love it if you would show her the same love you have shown me over the years. Please meet my friend Autumn over at Autumn does Life!  She's beginning her own journey and has already inspired me in ways she'll never know! She's got goals peeps, and I have no doubt that she'll meet them!

Autumn and I before our CIBC Run for the Cure 5K race


    For me when I was working to lose weight and for me now it is 100% about greeting each morning and just doing the best i can that day.


  2. There's something to be said for simplicity. Just do your absolute best today. That's more than most people do.

    One day (or hour or step) at a'll get there!




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