Tuesday, November 09, 2010

One Point Soup

...and I'm not talking those nasty "smart one" soups! 

This girl has never been a fan of those ones. Even when I did eat meat. 

I recently found a soup at the grocery store that helps me get my 'greens' in and is super low in points.

How fantabulous is that? Oh that's right.... I just said fantabulous! 

Fantastic and Fabulous all at the same time peeps. 

The soup is Campbell's V8 Garden Broccoli soup. It's pretty good folks and worth a shot. It's one point per cup after all!!!!! I just added a little pepper to it and that's it. 

Another soup to look out for is Campbell's Gardennay Market Vegetable Blend. This soup is 2 points for a cup, but is pretty hearty and very filling. I once again just added some pepper to it. 



  1. Those "colour" soups are pretty good too. I think they're Knorr.

  2. Thanks for the info Blossom. I'll be sure to check them out too!



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