Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well as suspected, my appetite didn't disappear for long. I ate an 11 point breakfast. How do I know that? I tracked, that's how! Since I've been sick, I must confess that I haven't been tracking. Add the fact I've had one too many poutines, I swore I'd get back on track whether I was feeling better or not.

I still feel pretty bad, weak and tired. My cough is still there and of course the nasal congestion, but I really don't want to use that as an excuse to eat crap any longer. I know I'll kick myself come thursday if I do.

So here's to eating less carbs and more fruit and veggies, and hopefully seeing another loss at the scale come WI!

My hope is that I can lose a total of 27 pounds by the end of this year. That is doable my friends, since I only have 5 more pounds to go to reach the 27 mark.

Then I was thinking that if I could lose another 27 pounds in the next 6 months, I'd pretty much be at my goal by my birthday on June 27th!

How fantastic of a gift would that be?

Now of course it would be even cooler to reach 'goal' sooner than that, but I do realize this journey has its ups and downs, and its taken me a long time to lose the weight I have, so I'm being realistic!

So here's to the number 27.

27 pounds lost by the end of 2010

and another.....

27 pounds lost by June 27th!!!!!

I can do this!!!!!

Sick or not.


  1. Yes you can! I actually just posted about setting a goal to get me through the end of the year sucessfully. Here's to reaching our goals.

  2. Good luck! Of course you can do it! And hey, if you lose 25, that's great too right?? Good luck! Fingers crossed!

  3. Sonya, that is entirely doable! Stay focused, and you'll be hitting the summer of 2011 with new clothes and new energy!

    You look GREAT. I can't wait to get down to your weight. Or, to grow 6" ... I'll take either. LOL

    I hope you are feeling better soon!



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