Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Big C

Nope, I'm not talking about the TV show. I'm not even talking about Cancer.

I'm talking about the common cold!

Sorry I've been absent more than usual lately.  I'm currently fighting one with big red boxing gloves.

Round one  = Vitamin C, Cold FX, Vick's Vaporub, H20 and a pillow

Round two = Halls Lozengers and Benylin Cold and Sinus

Round three = Buckley's gel caps (I HATE the liquid), and a Veggie Burger Combo from Burger King

Say what?

Yup... a combo from Burger King.

oh yeah.....

and a Harvey's Veggie Burger combo.... (thank god on different days).

Both combos I ate Poutine instead of just fries...or the wiser choice... a salad.

but really peeps...who the hell wants a salad when they are sick?

NOT ME!!!!

My thinking is that if someone can eat fish and call themselves a vegetarian. I can have the occasional poutine!!! Why? Because, that's why.

I wish I craved soup and liquids right now, gezzzzz, you think I would...but I don't have the flu. It's just a cold, and when I'm sick like this I crave comfort food and my comfort food is fast food.



It's all good though. I gave myself permission. I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I just have to be careful this doesn't spiral out of control. I've had two 'comfort' meals. That is enough.

It's back to my normal eats now.

...and more buckley's

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