Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Thanksgiving...a week late.

I'm a bit afraid to say it, because I know you guys were cheering me on, but that lovely plan I had went down the toilet.

Friday after working my 12hr shift, I was exhausted (I have been sucking at taking my vitamins again and can feel the difference) I really tried to push myself to do something, but it wasn't happening. I ended up going to  bed and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out.

Yesterday I slept in (cause I needed it) and then cooked in the afternoon. It ended up taking me longer to cook everything, so I had no time to do anything with regards to exercise as I had to race over to my parents for our thanksgiving dinner.

Today however, I still do have my date with a friend and here's hoping I can burn some awesome calories.

I swear it's  not burnt, it's just the spices on top! 
My thanksgiving was wonderful. I ended up buying a tofurky feast from my local grocery store. It included the tofurky of course, along with some stuffing filled dumpling, vegetarian gravy and a tofurky wish bone! I  followed the instructions on the box on how to make everything of course as it was my first time making tofurky. My tofurky turned out great! Now my Mother made the majority of the meal (which was all lovely), but I brought my own tofurky and a few other things. One of those other things was stuffing!!!! 

Yummy Vegetarian Stuffing!
I found a vegetarian stuffing recipe online and really wanted to try it so I told my Mother I'd bring my own. I found the recipe on It's called Sweet Cranberry Vegetarian Stuffing. It was FANTASTIC!!!!  I ended up using WW white bread and as WW bread is thinner than regular bread, I added more of it. I also used less celery than it asks for. (1.5 stalks rather than 2), as two seemed like too much for this girl. I did use the whole onion and garlic though, and ALL the spices along with the right amount of dried cranberries and apple juice of course.  It was so good! I recommended it for everyone. Vegetarian or not. Stuffing is my favourite part of thanksgiving so I was one happy girl!

Now with my very first vegetarian thanksgiving over, as I said before, the rest of the week I'm going to have to be super careful as to what I choose to eat.  Okay well, it's not necessarily what I eat, but how much I eat of it!!!!  It's going to be tough as I'll be up at 5am and to bed around 10pm Monday to Wednesday (WI is thursday). My points don't really stretch that well sometimes, but I'm going to try my best!  I really am trying to keep my eye on the prize. Lets hope my stomach cooperates!

Post thanksgiving dinner (which lets face it, I ate like a pig), I decided to weigh myself on my bathroom scale. I knew it would be bad, so when it showed I was down a pound I was shocked! Keep your fingers crossed it wasn't a fluke and I can keep it that way as I know weight gain can show up later. 

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