Thursday, October 14, 2010


I didn't have enough protein today and I paid for it. I just couldn't get satisfied. I'm still hungry if I'm being honest. This is after two pieces of WW bread with peanut butter and honey and two pieces of raisin toast with honey AND a bunch of mini red potatoes... I not nutritious at all, but I didn't feel like cooking and I was craving toast and potatoes so deal with it!

I ended up using some of my weekly points which I really didn't want to do. Those points were suppose to be for saturday's thanksgiving dinner. Oops!!!! Not good at all.  Luckily my Mother is cooking thanksgiving this year and she's also on WW, so hopefully the dinner will not be too horrible in the calories department. Fingers crossed anyway!

My plan (to help ward off those pesky calories) is to go for a run tomorrow night although it looks like it is suppose to rain. If it does, I'll find some type of exercise to do indoors . I have a stationary bike in my basement after all! Saturday before dinner I plan to workout some more and then sunday I have a run planned with my friend. I'm hoping with the added exercise and if I can stay within my points (and not have a night like tonight) I'll be okay and finally be able to say that I lost 20 pounds. I really want to be able to tell you that!

So it looks like this week is not off to a great start being hungry all the time, but hopefully that will change. Must eat more protein!!!!!  Must plan meals better!!!! Must lose one pound!!!!


  1. Keep your eye on the prize, girl! =)

  2. Amazing planning for a week to be able to celebrate with family and get your exercise. It's great having a game plan!! It sure makes me feel more in control when I do!

  3. Good luck! I hope you have a wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving with your family - and I hope they all comment on how good you look! Just remember: this is life. Holidays happen and we have to deal with them the best we can. I'm hoping to see a post about your 20 pounds lost very soon!!



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