Saturday, October 02, 2010

Dinner and a bit more....

Wow...two posts in one day. What's going on????!!!!!

I just thought I'd stop by and post some pictures of my dinner for ya. I realize I haven't been doing that very often and thought I would tonight since I have the time. The meal I just had is super quick to prepare and very yummy. In my opinion anyway! It's not a casserole masterpiece, or any other type of awesome recipe. This is just a basic meal a single gal makes on a saturday night!

combination of red and green peppers, onion and eggplant.
Mixed with 2 tsp of EVOO and 2 tsp of Balsamic Vinegar and sprinkled with Club House Seasoning (see below!)

yummy vegetable seasoning for my veggies. I  totally recommend buying it. You don't have to 'grill' vegetables to use this spice!  (and club house didn't tell me to say that!)

Easy to prepare brown minute rice in a cup - hot in one minute!  Told ya it's easy! 

Chicken Nuggets? NOPE!!!!! They are Spinach Bites with three cheese from Veggie Patch.
Very Yummy! 

All together now - YUM!
Veggies on a bed of rice with my spinach bites!

What did I have for dessert you ask? Why tofu of course. I need to get more protein in after all.....

I just found out about these. Two in a pack. Kind of an acquired taste to start, but now I love them! 
In non-food news, when I was out shopping this afternoon I bought size 16 LONG Jeans from Old Navy. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!! ME SO HAPPY!!!!! I also tried on an XXL shirt and they are officially too big. I'm definitely an XL now. 

How does it feel? Freak'in FANTASTIC!!!!!!! 

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