Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chili Chill Chill

I wrote this at 5am this morning......for me it's still friday regardless what the calendar/time says ;-)

Today I was suppose to weigh-in. I had planned to, but instead I spent the entire day in bed. Mostly because I went to bed late and was tired for yesterdays activities, but partly because I just wanted to.

I slept off and on until 7pm!

Thankfully, this isn't that big of a deal as I'm working the night shift right now so really 7:00pm, is my 7:00am!

The big deal is I forgot to bring my WW book with me to work so I could WI on my way home . Now it looks like I will not be weighing in this week as they are only open until noon on saturdays and saturday is  my last official day to weigh-in this week. Oops. Sure I could go home and then go back out to the WW office, but lets be honest people, that's not going to happen. When I get home, I want to hit the hay and hit it hard.

Vegetarian Chili - looks a little watery here,
but it's not too bad in real life! 
I was going to go to the grocery store after work, but I'm really tired now, so don't think I will. Thankfully I have some leftover homemade chili in my fridge that I made for a gathering I had last night. Yesterday I had about ten gals and their children at my house for our monthly potluck girl's night get together. Three of my friends have had babies in the last 5 months so it was a nice gathering to catch up and celebrate the little ones.  I was in charge of the main dish ( as I was hosting) so I decided to make chili. Why? Who know....because I'm not a huge fan, (or I wasn't when I ate meat anyway).

The chili I made this time of course was vegetarian. It was a hard decision to make it this way as I'm the only vegetarian in the group, but I decided to make it anyway as I knew I'd have leftovers and I didn't want meat in my house that I wouldn't eat. Thankfully my meat loving friends really liked the chili regardless (or so they told me)!

Once again I found the recipe on - canada (I LOVE this website!). The recipe is called (surprise, surprise) Vegetarian Chili. This chili was perfect for me, espcieally since I'm not a huge fan of spice. This chili had enough, but it wasn't over powering. The best part about this recipe. IT's super fast and super easy to make! You literally throw everything in a pot and let it simmer for an hour. How easy is that?

  The only changes I made to the recipe were....

  1. I added two cans of peach and cream corn (the small cans)
  2. Added  two red bell peppers.
  3. I used veggie ground round as it called for hamburger-style crumbles - some of the reviewers used veggie burger patties, but I didn't want to. That just sounded nasty!  
  4. Veggie ground round was added 1/2 way through the simmering process as it takes less time to cook.
Fall flowers I bought for the party
I also did what those who made it before me recommended.... I topped the chili off with some ff sour cream and a bit of graded cheese. Oh. My. Goodness. Chili is sooooo much better with sour cream and cheese!!!!!  I've never ate chili that way and I have to say it was damn good people!!  I was so pleased. Mostly because I have a shit load of leftovers and if I didn't like it, then what? I think now I'll eat some more tomorrow and then freeze the rest. Then again  I might just eat it for lunch and dinner for awhile until it's gone. I doubt I'll get sick of this one!


  1. That chili sounds so good! I love chili but I am trying to eat less red meat, so this is DEFINITELY something I will have to try!

  2. hm...i thought I have commented on this but anyways

    Thanks for sharing the chili recipe..hubby is out of town next week so I plan on making this plus a batch corn bread:)



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