Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Bean Curry Anyone?

I really wish my camera was working because I wanted to 'show you' what I made yesterday, but this non-picture post will have to do. Stupid Camera!

I made Vegetable Bean Curry yesterday. I found it on allrecipes.com as I find most of my recipes these days. Since it was very well reviewed and totally vegetarian (actually vegan) I thought I'd give it a shot. The best part of making recipes like these is there is little measuring involved, it's quick and super easy! Right up my alley! 

As I was making it, I was getting scared though, as I'm not a "super spicy" kind of girl and this recipe has a lot of curry in it along with cumin and cayenne pepper.  I'm trying to branch out and try making new things though so I sucked it up and finished making it and ate some. To my surprise it didn't give the inside of my mouth 3rd degree burns and I actually thought it was really yummy!!!!  YAY! 

A few modifications I made were....

  • I cooked my lentils separately and added them at the end to the mixture as one reviewer stated to do.  
  • My cans of beans were bigger than what they stated to use, but I just used the whole can of each anyway. Like hell, I'm going to waste any beans! 
  • I ended up just adding a bit more water to compensate for the extra beans to ensure the concoction was moist enough. 
  • I added 2/3cup of raisins rather than just a 1/2cup, but next time I might add a full cup. The raisins in this recipe are the best part!!!! 
  • I also thought I had garlic in my fridge so didn't pick up any at the grocery store and then got home and didn't actually have any, so I didn't add that. I didn't miss it either.

Anyway...if you feel like trying something different give this one a try. I was pleasantly surprised. The first night I placed the bean curry on a bed of rice and ate it, but today I just ate it on it's own. I think I actually preferred it on it's own. 

Just a tip though....you might not want to eat this on the same day as an egg salad sandwich like I did....lol..... it might make the tummy go into overdrive!

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