Friday, October 22, 2010

The Bad and The Good (better to end on the positive!)

The bad - I haven't blogged in 4 days
The good - I'm back

The bad - I'm struggling with food again
The good -  I have not once thought of throwing in the towel completely

The bad - I gained 2.4lbs this week
The good - it could have been 7lbs like last time ;-)

The bad - I wanted to stay in bed all day today
The good - I didn't.

The bad - I feel like the pit of despair is attempting to suck me back in. 
The good - I'm resisting with everything I got and even made a doctors appointment hoping for some help. Take that PIT!

The bad - I spent a shit load of money today - retail therapy? 
The good - It was mostly on running gear!

The bad - I feel like an idiot in a running store as I have no clue what gear to get and why
The good - Running Room staff rock and were very helpful! 

The bad - I only had one choice of jacket to buy at the running room and one colour choice because I needed an XXL.
The good - An XXL FIT! 16 pounds ago it probably wouldn't have. Plus the sleeves are long enough and at least the colour was burgundy, and not bright yellow! 

The bad - the new XL long sleeve running room shirt I bought shows all my rolls as it's a bit too snug.
The good - No one will ever see it because I'll be wearing my snazzy new jacket over top of it.  By spring I hope to be thinner so  it will fit better! 

The bad - I spend about $150.00 on new running shoes....ugh.....
The good - They ROCK!

The bad - I can't find my Nike+ sensor
The good - I didn't let that stop me from timing my run tonight. I used my ipod stopwatch instead (which I just realized it had!)

The bad - I can never join an "in store class/clinics" at the Running Room so I can meet new people.
The good - they have an online clinic so at least I can still interact with an instructor and learn the many secrets of running! 

The bad - I'm still a slow runner
The good - I ran my long run route tonight in 29 min, 53 sec, when it usually takes me about 31min. 

The bad - I'm running another 5K by myself on Sunday.
The good - 499+ strangers are also running a 5K on sunday so I actually might be faster than one of them! ;-) 

The bad - It's suppose to rain on Sunday
The good - you know that jacket I just bought? It's waterproof!!!!! 

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  1. Thanks ... now I have the Facts of Life theme song stuck in my head.

    You take the good, you take the bad,
    you take them both and there you have
    The Facts of Life, the Facts of Life ...

    Hopefully in the end the good outweighs the bad. Have a great weekend!



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