Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pain in the......HIP?

Boy, do I have sore hips today.

No. Damn. Fun.

I did some reading on 'hip pain' after running, and of course they say it could be this or that, so who knows. I'm experiencing more than just sore muscles, I know this, but I'm no Doctor.  I kind of suspect I have some fascia problem or something though. WONDERFUL! I had plantar fasciitis in the past, now why don't I mess up my hip fascia too?!   ....ugh.....

My plan tonight is to  down some ibuprofen for the possible inflammation and rub some deep cold on my hips and call it a night. I might use my foam roller in the morning if my hips aren't  any better. Deep massage is said to be helpful. Hell, maybe I'll do that before I put the rub on tonight! Fingers crossed these remedies help.  I'm planning on going for a run with my friend on wednesday and then the race is on sunday. I can't have sore freak'in hips people. I need to be in top form. Not hip replacement form!  Any tips from fellow runners out there? I have apparently have not learned the secret of how to avoid hip pain post runs yet (or at least learned anything beyond a pre workout 10min stretch!).

Other than my hip issue (that makes me feel like an 80 year old), it was a pretty quiet day even though it was a work day for me. I managed once again to stay within my points determined as ever not to let my french fry mishap screw me over on the scale.   I'm tempted to take a peek at my own scale tomorrow to see what progress I've made, but I'm scared. We'll see. I'll let ya know ;-)

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  1. Sonya, sore and tight hips are the epittome of runners. I swear by yoga. I know you work crazy hours, so check out this link, you can download lots of different yoga sessions for free. They are 20 minutes long.

    This one is yoga for runners. Give it a try

    p.s. I've not done this video, but I have heard good things from other bloggers who have.



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