Monday, September 27, 2010

Better perhaps I over reacted a little on the hip thing yesterday. Perhaps, I had a 'oh my god, I have a headache, it must be a tumor'  moment.  My hips are fine today. lol..... They feel much, much better. I did everything I said I was going to do, and it did help a lot. I should be good to go with my run with my friend on wednesday and then again on sunday when the real run happens. Fingers crossed.

Aside from the hip thing though I've been struggling a little with my emotions lately. I've been sad, happy, hurt, angry and excited all the in span of a couple days. It can be a bit exhausting. The 'issues' aren't huge and nothing too too concerning, but emotions are emotions no matter how big or small the issues are.  The good news is (and the reason I'm telling you this) is that I didn't gravitate to food for comfort this time. I sat with my emotions and although upset and feeling like I needed a hard drink and a bucket of ice cream, I managed to talk myself through these feelings and move on. Sure some things still weigh on my heart, but  I'm determined to not let a little disappointment from a friend cause me to derail my efforts to live my best life.

I think this is why I feel this journey to a better health (and an hourglass figure) just might be different for me this time. I know I've had a blog for years now and have come and gone from it as my weight has gone up and down, but this time things feel different. I have this determination I didn't have before, I have motivation I never had, and I have an attitude that is different. I wish I could explain it better, but I just know I can do it this time. I will reach my goal. I will get healthy. I promise!

I'll leave you with a picture that my Mother sent me tonight. It's the reason this run on sunday is so important to me.  See the dog? See the lady behind (and just slightly to the right) of lady with the dog? That's my Mom!

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